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High-adhesive and high-elastic dressing bandage
​MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing

Various sizes

Transparent high-elastic material with adhesive and non-woven fabric pad (disposable bandage)

● Key Features

-Made with a high-elastic adhesive transparent material and a non-woven fabric pad
-Made with a High-elastic premium material with high-breathability
-Waterproof bandage that shieds out external influences
-Made using a hypoallergenic adhesive to minimize irritation
-Support film added to help you appy this thin and transparent dressing without wrinkles

● Size

Aqua Dressing_Size_Land+1 (1).png
Aqua extra large.png
Aqua large.png
Aqua Dressing_Medium.png
Aqua small.png

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing
X-Large 2ea

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing
Large 2ea

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing
Medium 3ea

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing
Small 8ea

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