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Transparent and thin specialized film that helps block water and germs
​MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing Plus

Waterproof dressing
Transparent dressing
Medical grade adhesive used

Adhesive bandage with a non-woven fabric pad covered by Polyethylene mesh (Disposable)

● Key Features

- Protects a wound against water, germs, and dust
- Allows easy movement because of its high-elasticity and flexibility
- Specialized pad that doesn't stick to a wound
- Made using medical adhesive

● Size

Aqua Dressing Plus Size Cut Line_Material 1.png
Aqua Dressing Plus_L.png
Aqua Dressing Plus_M.png

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing Plus
Large 4ea

MomsDerm Neo Aqua Dressing Plus
Medium 5ea

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