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Promoting the healing process with less scarring
​MomsDerm Hydro Bandage

Moist wound environment

Hydrocolloid (Dispasable bandage)

● Key Features

- Consisting of European colloid and waterproof film
- Enhanced breathability and blocking water and other foreign substances
- Creating a moist wound environment to speed up the healing process

● Size

Hydro band_size.png
MomsDerm Hydro Band_Mixed 9 Sheets.png
MomsDerm Hydro Band_Large 7 sheets.png
MomsDerm Hydro Band_Medium 9 sheets.png

MomsDerm Hydro Bandage
Assorted 9ea

MomsDerm Hydro Bandage
Large 7ea

MomsDerm Hydro Bandage
Medium 9ea

MomsDerm Hydro Band_Small 10 sheets.png

MomsDerm Hydro Bandage
Samll 10ea

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