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Blemish Clean Relief
MomsDerm Beauty Patch

Ultra-thin patches
Acne patches
Blemish cover

Acne patches with Tea tree oil and Salicylic acid (Disposable patch)

● Key Features

- Opaque hypoallergenic patch that contains active ingredients
- Contains Teatree oil, Salicylic acid
- Suitable for acne-prone skin
- Ideal to use before squeezing to soothe the acne spot

● Size

Blemish Clean Relief_Size.png
Mom's Derm Beauty Blemish Clean Relief.png
Mom’s Derm Beauty Patch Fine Spike Type Patch.png
Mom’s Derm Premium Hydro Band.png
MomsDerm Hydrocolloid Band.png

Blemish clean Relief 108ea

Fine Spike Type Patch 8ea

Premium Hydro Band 104ea

Hydrocolloid Band 104ea

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