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Standard bandages with sterilizing agents
​Band Plus A

Premium PVC
Containing a sterilizing agent

Polyvinyl chlorine with adhesive and non-woven fabric pad containing a sterilizing agent (disposable)

● Key Features

- Soft, highly adhesive, and made with high-elastic premium PVC fabric
- Non-woven fabric with a sterilizing agent + PE mesh (A disposable bandage)
- Various sizes and shapes that are designed to fit every part of the body

● Size

Band Plus_Size.png
Band Plus_mixed 80 sheets.png
Band Plus_Mixed 20 sheets.png
Band Plus_8 large sheets.png
Band Plus_Standard 80 sheets.png
Band Plus_Standard 20 sheets.png

Band Plus Assorted 80ea

Band Plus Assorted 20ea

Band Plus Large 8ea

Band Plus Standard 80ea

Band Plus Standard 20ea

Band Plus_4 pieces for fingertips.png

Band Plus Fingertips 4ea

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