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Premium Waterproof Adhesive Bandage Stays in place on
contouring part

MomsDerm Aqus Bandage

Aqua bandage

A high-elastic waterproof bandage made using
medical-grade adhesive with absorbing pad
containing a sterilizing agent

● Product Features

- A disposable adhesive bandage with non-woven fabric pad in the center of
   non-woven fabric polyurethane sheet
- Made using premium PU enhanced durability, elasticity, and adhesion

- Waterproof high-elastic flexible bandage

● Size

Mom’s Derm High Elasticity Waterproof Band_Daeji 1.png
High elasticity waterproof band_for fingertips.png

Fingertip 4ea

High elasticity waterproof band_general type.png

Standard 8ea

High elasticity waterproof band_M.png

Medium 5ea

High elasticity waterproof band_L.png

Large 4ea

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