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Comfortable on wounds, stays in place when wet
​Neo Skincare Plus

high elasticity
Containing a sterilizing agent
Containing a sterilizing agent
Containing a sterilizing agent

Skin-colored high-elastic material with adhesive, and non-woven fabric pad containing a sterilizing agent

● Key Features

- A disposable adhesive bandage that has a non-woven fabric pad in the center of Polyurethane fabric
- Made with premium PU enhanced adhesion and durability
- Various sizes and shapes to fit different wound sizes

● Size

Skin care plus_cut line.png
Skincare Plus_Kids Band.png

Kids Assorted 16ea

Skincare Plus_Small 30 sheets.png

Small 30ea

Skincare Plus_18 Cuties.png

Small 18ea

Skincare Plus Standard_10 sheets.png

Standard 10ea / 20ea

(Small 4ea/Standard 10ea/Large 6ea)

Skincare Plus_16 round sheets.png
Skincare Plus_Large 16 sheets.png

Circle 16ea

Large 16ea

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